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Short term courses

Short term courses
Arena Animation offers quick, short-term courses to students & working professionals who wish to sharpen their skills in one or more tools or software.

Learn software used in animation, multimedia, gaming, web designing - and more.It is good to have knowledge about latest and potential multimedia tools and softwares. Even after getting into a multimedia career, it will be beneficial if you keep on updating latest techniques and technology to your knowledge base. Arena Animation Institute’s short term courses are the right way to do this with great perfection. There are an array of short term courses that teaches softwares that are executed widely in fields like web designing, gaming, animation and multimedia. These courses are best suited for working professionals at the same time students. learn potential tools and softwares in a quick pace to stay relevant and competent in the ever changing industry.

Editing/VFX Compositing & Effects Broadcast Editing Mac & Mac OS Xtiger
      Final Cut Pro6
    Visual Effect - Shake Mac & Mac OS Xtiger
      Shake 4.1
    Visual Effect - Combustion Combustion
    Visual Effects - After Effects Adobe After Effects
    VFX Rotopro Introduction
      Arranging the nodes
      Color Correction
      Tracking & Stabilizing
      Rig Removal
      3D in Fusion1
      Basics of Rotoscopy
      Practical Assignments
    Working with Audio Sound Forge
  Audio/Video Editing Video Streaming & Editing Adobe Premiere Pro
    Audio-Video Editing Sound Forge
      Adobe Premiere Pro
Web Design Web Design & Graphics Web Animation with Flash Adobe Flash Professional
    Web Animation & Scripting with Flash Adobe Flash Professional
    Web Graphics Fundamentals of Computer
      Multimedia & Internet
      Adobe Photoshop Extended
      Adobe Flash Professional
      Adobe Dreamweaver
    Developing Interactive Web Pages Javascript
    Web Designing HTML
    Interactive Web Designing HTML
  Interactive Web Pages Web Weaver Adobe Dreamweaver
Design Design Image Magic Adobe Photoshop Extended
  Drawing/Design Creating Illustrations - I Adobe Illustrator
    Creating Illustrations - II CorelDraw
    Print & Publishing Adobe Illustrator
      Adobe Photoshop Extended
      Adobe InDesign
  Graphics & Animation Digital Graphics & Animation Fundamentals of Computer
      Multimedia & Internet
      Adobe Illustrator
      Adobe Photoshop Extended
      3DS MAX with Vray
  Print & Publishing Media Publishing Adobe InDesign
    Media Publishing - I Pagemaker
    Media Publishing - II Quark Express
Animation Animation 3D Basics of 3D Animation 3DS MAX with Vray
    Advanced 3D Animation with MAYA MAYA Unlimited
CAD Design CAD Design CAD Auto CAD
    Digital Architecture & Interior Design Auto CAD 3D Max